How To Disable DPI Button on Mouse

As a gamer, you should be well aware of the benefits of DPI sensitivity. However, a thing that contains benefits should also have some disadvantages. 

If you’re looking for how to disable DPI Button on the mouse then you are at the right place. I am going to guide you step by step and I’ll also discuss why you should disable the DPI button on your mouse. 

Read this article till the end to get a clear idea of DPI sensitivity.

So, without any due, let’s begin:

What is DPI:

First and foremost, you should know what is DPI:

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch which determines how fast your mouse cursor will move across the screen.

In short, DPI refers to the mouse’s sensitivity. The higher the DPI, the higher will be the mouse’s sensitivity. In other words, the more sensitive will be your mouse’s cursor.

Most gaming mouses out there let you change the DPI based on your preferences. If you play shooting games then high DPI might come in handy but remember, high DPI may affect the accuracy of your mouse. Although, increasing the DPI increases the sensitivity which is not fully correct as it may lower the accuracy.

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How To Disable DPI Button on Mouse:

It should be made clear that the DPI button cannot be disabled on the mouse physically. Therefore, the only method to disable it is by using the software. 

All mouses come with specific software, so I’ll be talking generally as all software quite work the same. 

Step#1: Downloading the Software:

Download the software that comes with your mouse. The software allows you to configure any compatible mouse according to your preferences.

Step#2: Open the Software:

Once you have successfully downloaded the software then open it. The software will automatically detect your mouse and display the model number on the home screen. In case it doesn’t show, try disconnecting and reconnecting your mouse.

Step#3: Click on the Picture:

You will be able to see your mouse picture, click on that. Tap on the “+” icon from the left side.

Step#4: 3D Design of your Mouse:

The software will show you a 3D design of your mouse along with a graphical overview of which button does what.

Step#5: Search for DPI button:

From the 3D design, search for the DPI button of your mouse. 

Step#6: Disable the DPI Button:

When you find the button, click on it and you will see the option to disable the DPI button. If your mouse has multiple DPI buttons then do the same for all buttons.

Why You Should Disable Your Mouse DPI Button:

Though the DPI button is very useful, it may be very annoying especially when you are in the middle of a game and accidentally you press the DPI button, it’s enough to ruin your game. 

Therefore, to avoid any kind of such accidents while gaming or working, most users prefer to set DPI sensitivity from software and then disable the DPI button on the mouse.

If you are also facing such a problem then you should disable the DPI button on your mouse.

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Is High or Low DPI Better?

Most newbie users face the issue of setting favorable DPI sensitivity for themselves. I am going to discuss it in detail here:

High DPI:

High DPI allows you to move your cursor with minimal arm movement. Controlling a high DPI mouse requires high precision in the wrist of a user. 

This high DPI and ease of movement are especially useful if you are low on desk space and you are unable to move your arm freely due to the small size of the mousepad. You can navigate the full width and height of your screen without sliding off the mousepad. 

This can be extremely useful if you are playing an intense shooting game as it will allow you to move freely with a slight movement of your arm which will you an upper hand over your opponent. However, taking precise aim might still be a difficult task.

Low DPI:

Low DPI is the complete opposite of high DPI. It does not allow you to move freely with a slight movement of your wrist. It requires far more arm movement than high DPI. Low DPI gives you precise aiming since the cursor moves slowly in comparison to a higher DPI.

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This was all about DPI, you can choose the one that suits you and advance your gaming skills as well as your working skills. You have also learned how to disable the DPI button on your mouse. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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